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Cornet scholarship

My Soul Project is in honour of my grandmother who encouraged me to follow my artistic side.
I believe that education is essential not only for the academic part but for the bonds you create with other children, to find your own talents and values that will help you become the adult of the future.

Kadek is 7 years old and lives with her father and older brother in Bali. She lost her mother during Covid which has been very hard financially and mentally on the whole family. We aspire with this fundraiser to raise the funds for a year education and school materials. But moreover to make her feel supported throughout this journey and encourage her to build the confidence and joy again to restart her passions like traditional dancing, playing the gamelan and being back to her smiley self.
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€ 165 raised from our € 440 target.
7 Days left


  • Tábata Cerezo donated € 25
    21/02/2024 20:58
  • Anna Gali donated € 50
    14/02/2024 09:23
  • Anonymous donated € 50
    10/02/2024 11:04
  • Anonymous donated € 25
    8/02/2024 21:06
  • Anonymous donated € 15
    7/02/2024 16:21

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