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Feel the Forever Magic and support the community in Bali!

By donating this month you receive a very special item of our silver jewelry line.

The Balinese community is struggling very hard right now. During this challenging time every contribution is very much needed and we want to thank you by giving you a meaningful gift!

VP Forever always strives to inspire and unite people all around the world. Over the past year we have united a lot of people to spread awareness about what we do and to inspire others to make a difference as well.
We want to do more!

Even though we are also, just like everyone else, affected by the crisis, we are always looking for ways to support underprivileged communities.
And now YOU can be part of that too!

The silver jewelry line of the Forever label is produced in Bali, Indonesia. 80% of the Balinese population is depending on tourism to provide for their families and right now, a year into the pandemic and with no tourism whatsoever, it has become a real challenge to survive.
Balinese silver craftsmen have been producing their amazingly skilled crafts for centuries. Thanks to the collaboration with the local company The Label we are now able to provide job opportunities for these talented artisans.

Share some extra love this month and make a difference in the lives of these amazing humans.

They are the ones we created the Forever Label for. Amazingly skilled, eager and hardworking people who are suffering a lot from the crisis. The Forever Label creates immediate job employment for them and YOU make a big impact on them.

Donate and receive a special gift from us!
Just because we want to share some love as well and to thank you for your endless support!
Your meaningful gift is an item from the first jewellery line of the Forever Label. Designed to inspire and by wearing and sharing it you make an immense impact and a big difference in the lives of the underprivileged communities that we support.

For every donation above €25 you will receive an exclusive gift from us!

Important note: don’t forget to fill in your address so we can send your gift to you!

1 gift per donation.
No returns or exchanges.
All donations are going directly to VP Forever and can not be refunded.
This campaigns runs as long as the stock lasts.

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€ 730 raised from our € 1500 target.
11 Days left


  • Florine Bennebroek Gravenhorst donated € 50
    19/04/2021 18:34
  • Daisy van Groningen donated € 100
    "Supporting the 1st Learning Centre in Bali is empowering makers, raftsmen & women. Hope to visit Bali again when it s possible"
    4/04/2021 14:43
  • Alexa Willig donated € 25
    4/04/2021 13:41
  • Hattie Grainger donated € 25
    30/03/2021 16:06
  • Angelien Peeters donated € 50
    "Good Lucky. Hope to come and visit some time to see the development. Greetings Berry and Angelien"
    29/03/2021 09:50
  • Anonymous donated € 25
    "Sending a huge hug from Italy and wishing you all the best Hope to be able to see you soon :)"
    29/03/2021 08:41
  • Peggy Van den Wyngaert donated € 50
    "Bali always in my &10084;&65039; Had a beautiful mother/daughter holiday for her 18th birthday on the island of the gods"
    27/03/2021 21:31
  • Anonymous donated € 50
    27/03/2021 17:41
  • Jimena Torres donated € 10
    23/03/2021 17:51
  • Sascha Bonte donated € 10
    "I miss Bali and I wish you well&128151;"
    13/03/2021 21:58
  • Joyce Kylie donated € 25
    "I’m a young widow and LOVE Bali so much, I’m sorry I can’t donate more money. &128153;&127796;"
    12/03/2021 22:45
  • Anonymous donated € 25
    "Because you guys do grand things with even the smallest donations. Happy to support in any way &128149;"
    11/03/2021 07:12
  • Anonymous donated € 50
    4/03/2021 17:29
  • Kim Ruskauff donated € 30
    4/03/2021 16:07
  • Anonymous donated € 30
    4/03/2021 14:05
  • Anonymous donated € 25
    "Hello VP Bali I hope things are getting better there. I can’t wait to come back "
    3/03/2021 10:47
  • Laura Van Raaij donated € 50
    1/03/2021 20:33
  • Jessica Ruskauff donated € 100
    26/02/2021 22:10

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