Simple co .
Simple co and VP Forever!

Who are we?
Hello everyone! We are Emiliano and Luis, two friends from Mexico. In June of 2019 we decided to travel the world. We have been to a lot of countries and during our travels, we started to open our minds more and more. When we were in Indonesia, we went for a volunteer program in the island of Bali and once we were there, things changed. VP Bali (pilot project of the international organization VP Forever) was our home for around 1,5 month, and it changed our perspective of life. It encouraged us to help and create a positive impact in the world. That is how we came with the idea of Simple co. a surfing style clothing company based in Cancun, Mexico.

We are looking forward to creating a positive impact on our lovely planet. That’s why 25% of our earnings are going back to a good cause. We choose local projects in our area that make an impact on our planet and the local community. Twice a year we collaborate with VP Forever to support their cause internationally.
We are beginning with this adventure but we are sure that simple actions lead you to significant changes. We want you to be part of this journey and to be the change you wish to see in the world.
Make it simple, but significant.
Simple co.

Who is VP Forever?
During the month of February we have a collaboration with VP Forever. VP Forever is a nonprofit organization that supports and empowers underprivileged communities around the world. Since our experience in Bali in 2019 we have been very closely involved with their projects in Bali and the Balinese communities are very close to our hearts.

At the moment they are working on creating an English program with the local community as they can’t welcome any volunteers now and the people are struggling very hard at the moment. With the funds raised through this campaign we can help them to set up the classes and also provide job employment to local teachers.

Let’s do it together!
Together we can make a difference! By buying a t-shirt from Simple co, you become part of our movement and you help support the people in Bali.
Simple co will start with by donating on this fundraiser. If you don’t want or you can’t buy a t-shirt, you can still be part and make a donation. No matter how big or small.
Even $1 can make a BIG difference!

At the end of the month we will show you exactly what VP Forever does with the donations and how it makes a big impact on the children and community in Bali.
They are struggling a lot right now. Let’s show them the strength of our community to help them!

For more info about Simple co, the products and how to order, contact us on Instagram: @simplecompanymx

For more info about VP Forever and the amazing work they are doing, check out their website:
or their IG accounts:

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