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Empower people to build their own future.

Help us to build the first Forever Learning center in Bali to support Balinese communities.

The creation of The Forever Learning Center VP Bali is the answer of Volunteer Programs Forever to the consequences of COVID-19. Now that the corona crisis is hitting VP Forever´s existing projects and therefore the local people in Bali, Indonesia, VP Forever aims to create the Forever Learning Center to offer new perspectives to local communities.

Bali is hit very hard by the corona crisis. 80% of the population depends directly or indirectly on the tourism sector to meet their basic needs. When tourism breaks down and falls away, there is insufficient income for the local community. A deep economic crisis is imminent. This is the main reason and motive that VP Forever now wants to provide structural solutions by creating jobs outside the tourism sector and providing the community with the skills that are needed in the current labor market.

VP Forever´s original education project in Bali (VP Bali) was forced to close due to the corona virus. A solution was needed for both the situation of the Balinese community times of corona, as well as VP Forever itself. It is precisely for this reason that The Forever Learning Center has been created: a skill training, education and community center that connects the vision and mission of VP Forever with the current needs of the local community in Bali, Indonesia.

We have chosen Bali as our hub and plan to launch the first Forever Learning Center in the center of Bali in 2021. The current situation in Bali as a result of the global pandemic requires a flexible long-term approach to promote recovery and sustainable economic activity within the community. With your help our Forever Learning Center will act as a training and education hub where children can learn, where teenagers and young adults can train and where adults can work or collaborate with us to develop a sustainable income. We will help people learn to run their own business and encourage entrepreneurs. At the heart of the Center will be a library that supports the workshops and classes run in the Center and that all of the community will have access to. We will transform the local communities; they will no longer be dependent on tourism for economic well being but will be able to prosper and thrive as independent, self sufficient communities.

Most importantly, the values and traditions of the local community are at the heart of everything we do. We respect the family, religious and cultural traditions and put these at the core of our plans. Everything we do is with the Balinese and for the Balinese.

We are excited by our vision for the new Center but need your support to make it a reality.

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